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How to create a new Release
  • Create an account with Pitch Distro and log in.
  • To begin the distribution process, click on Release Single, Release Album, or Upload Video.
  • Enter your release information, artwork, and audio file, then hit “Submit.”
  • Your release will go online on all digital streaming platforms on the selected date if it meets the requirements.


How long does it take to release music
  • The New Release delivery window is one week before to the scheduled date of the commercial release, but some DSPs could push back this date.
  • It is advised that you schedule the release two months before the release date in order to take advantage of Playlisting.


How Much of My Earnings Does Pitch Distro Keep

We keep 10% of your revenue whiles you keep 90%.


How to get Playlisted on Apple Music, Spotify, Apple Music
  • Register with Pitch Distro
  • Submit your music two months before it is released.
  • Send us your promotional plans, press materials, biography, song lyrics, and song details.
  • Get a playlist on services like Boomplay, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Please be aware that playlisting is not guaranteed.


I didn't receive my E-mail confirmation after Sign Up

Kindly refresh your email or check your Spam mails too for confirmation.


Check your artist dashboard for the links.


How to withdraw my earnings

Your streaming reports and earnings will be displayed on your artist dashboard.

To withdraw funds, select Withdraw and Fill in the forms.


Can I redistribute my music with Pitch Distro

You can, by entering your release’s ISRC code from your former distributor, when submitting your release with us.

After publishing your release with us, take it down from your old distributor.


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